Rock Glenn II

by Rock Glenn

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released December 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Rock Glenn Castile, New York

Rock Glenn is a creative outlet for a group of Western New York musicians. It is the brainchild of one man's hoarded history of songwriting, with the recordings pieced together from jam sessions and each member's home studio contributions.

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Track Name: Sin El Sol
Contracting inch by inch.
There's no pain to be felt at all.
Nothing but black, but black is something.
And we all miss you.

In a room where you were, it's empty.
But a ghost. There's still a ghost.
With just one thing to get off of my chest
Good Bye.
Track Name: Shady Tree
Somebody ask you where you were last night, No one ever asks if you're doing all right.
Somebody talking 'bout the mess you're in, nobody knows if it's even a sin.
And everybody swears they after the truth, but they don't wait before they accuse.
They just talking right behind your back, they're a noble bunch, how 'bout that?

I Found a spot in the shade of a shady tree, that let's in a little bit of light.
I found a cure for the skipped beat heart of mine, just in time for tonight.
“Da da da da da da da da da da , da da da da da da da.”

All the people sniffing for the dirt on your clothes, hopped up gossip infecting their nose,
It's no use don't bother to hide, get your medicine and start feeling fine.

“There is no darkness, under this tree. Only shadows of different degrees.
Track Name: Bea Inspired
I Keep a watch over my shoulder
keep my watch set ahead of time
Oh I'll keep everyone's eyes away, keep inside the things I'd like to say
Keep acting like I missed the sign.

Thirty years not believing in angels, it's a shock to meet one now
All my life not believing in angels, and I see one now.

Hey hey hey hey

I'll put a box o'er my head
i'll box my shadow til I'm dead
I'll keep everyone's mind at ease, freeze up and swear I don't believe
never forget a word you said.
Track Name: The Dakota
Loneliness is a place in my mind, and I don't mind going there.
When I see Orion and his religion coming down on you.
It's been a score but I say it's time we evened up, but don't get me wrong, No
An eye for an eye will leave us all blind and divided up.

I'll burn Mark's book and I'll cure the mass of coldness.
I'll live as I should, I won't ask for a Goddamn thing.
I dream of Dakota in December's darker days.
I dream of Dakota but I know that she won't stay.

Loneliness, well you know you're always welcome.
Give in to the gears as they grind you down to dust.
Monday you crawl along to get to Tuesday.
In debt, you're a slave to all the other slaves.

I dream of Dakota when the sun shines out on the cornstalks.
I dream of Dakota lying flat on the floor.
I dream of Dakota when I stagger back to bed.
I dream of Dakota in the distance, in the dust.

Happiness is just energy that we share.
Energy is all we are, we share ourselves.
At this point, what's the point in competing?
There's only one thing we all agree we need.
Track Name: Attractive Nuisance By The Trail
I woke up to a gray kind of morning, with gravity pulling my chin to the floor,
'cause I just lost another step along the way, I'm defenseless, I'm dumb, there's nothing I can say.

I went down to the club by the lake, where the company's always acting kind of strange.
I stepped right over three holes in the floor, but the fourth it found me right by the door.

The trails been tested, the trails been worn, and every damn fiber has been torn.
She says she's rested, they say I'm weak, I'll prove 'em right soon as I speak.

I drove downtown to find a little potion, maybe stir up a little emotion,
but when she don't show at midnight it's true, another year in a bottle just thinking it through.

So I went home and drank a little poison, picked up my guitar and made a little noise and,
nobody heard a single word that I sang, and I went to bed and forgot the whole thing.
Track Name: Jalapenos
I shiver when she walks in the room. Cold woman is cold, cold.
Said, I tremble when she stares at me. That woman makes me freeze, freeze.
She's all business and she's all tied up, Yeah that girl ain't no fun.
I sure hope she heats up in a hurry, And lets her hair out that bun.

Say I'm stoned when she talks to me, she brings me down a few degrees.
She says things but I ain't listening, her breath is like a winter breeze.
Oh I'm darker from just a few words need to spice up my mind.
Give me all the Jalapenos girl, or get out of my sight. Yeah.
Track Name: Bananas And Coffee
In yellow hues, I saw, golden souls in the sun.
I've seen other colors, today just one.
I lost myself in their smile, gold but white.
Held together by the black borders of the night.

A distant train's pitch rises, and you're on the tracks.
and the sun's gonna rise, in time to cast it's light when you collapse.

In December I only remember the good things about July.
Like I hardly remember you.
Naked in the cold it's a warmth that I desire.
Like I hardly desire you.

A tree peeks out from the snow, to hold up the earth.
Atlas absent, like his friends when we need them most.
Bananas, coffee and the best of things are all you need,
Like they don't cost a thing.

There's a power in the moon to pull the seas.
But I'm at ease, I'm a disease.
Track Name: Plunge
Come by the waterfall and now,
I will make sure that you don’t drown.
One step before and then the next,
I promise you what's new is best.

Go on before me, (but) grab my hand
Sink your feet in rock and sand
Fossils forever, laid in stone.
This dreamer's kingdom, a pauper's throne.

A rock raised right is ripe to sink.
I am your mist, I am your wings.
I'd never change a single thing,
But the water's will will reign as king.

Go on before me, (but) grab my hand,
Sink your feet in rock and sand.
A fossil forever, in our chair,
Breath full of filtered, timely air.

Years came before and gone so fast,
The rest will too, but make them last.
No better comes from good enough,
So tear it down to build it up.
Track Name: Uprooted And Downtrodden
I'll Lose my sight, and I can't ignore what y ou all are sayin'.
Lose my mind, and I'll just waste my way through the day.
Give me a lesson, give me three reasons to go find the door.
Still got some pride tucked away before I come beggin' back for more.

A no-ho I don't think they’ll be another with a conscience just like yours.
A gold mining hole full of hot air and ashes and no lock on the door.
Lose my balance and I'll have my next drink another day.
And just for the record, I never much cared for anything you'd say.

I picked me up off the floor, right where you left me,
I found the root of all evil lives in your mind.
So get out of my way, Gonna set myself astray.
I don't need you, I need you to go away.

Oh my my, oh why did I find myself drawn in. in a certain way.
A wakeboarder's dream of bad bad karma been waitin' to make me pay.
Oh when you're down in hole so low, so low can you go.
Oh don't go on account of me, countin' on you doin' anything I say.
Track Name: Barrel Of Monkeys
I stole it from a band of gypsies, with a darkness in their souls.
Yeah I remembered note for note, the rhythm and the flow.
And I swear there was no containing it, soon everyone will know.

I sold it to a worthless preacher, with some lightning in his eye.
He was moved to the darkness inherent of an object in disguise.
I thought I moved beyond its reach now, but its magic never dies.

I'll, breakdown and float away. (Never feel the ground again.)
Shake it, shake it, shake your blues away.
Squeeze every last drop, of every pleasure from your soul.
And break it, break it, break these chains today.

I come down from a head of triumph, as a cloud engulfs my soul.
No recollection of the moment of weakness, the bottom of the barrel low.
I am one with it, I'm never alone now, I, I'm saddled with it's load.

Different hues in a different way, (In ways I've never seen before.)
Fake it, fake it, fake your way through the day.
The rust reminds you of a former time. (and a former shine)
Break it, break it, break these chains today.